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Maybe You Are Making These Writing Mistakes on Your Website

People will forgive minor writing mistakes but not the glaring kind that attract attention. If you want to rank highly in search engines, then this is a must-do action to take. All business blogs can stand some improvement, but you have to decide on it and then move forward. Nobody can escape the fact that writing is the very best way to improve your writing. If you’re losing readers because of your writing, then you only have one direction to go and that is up.

Audiences across markets and sub-niches are different in many ways, and that figures into your writing style. People are drawn to numbers and data in content, and try to work that in when you can. But be sure you don’t create a sterile environment in your posts. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through, and actually that should be your goal. The competition for your reader’s attention and time is too intense to get lazy about your writing.

Since there are maybe a billion blogs out there, you’ll need to get noticed in some way. It is you, and don’t think there is nothing special or distinctive about you.

Your readers are looking for the real you on your About page, so don’t disappoint them. How far you go on your Home page depends on your business and audience, but avoid going too far with this unless you know it’s all right with your audience. Most of the time with most niches you can just be relaxed and let your persona shine through. Letting your blog readers see the real you is of paramount importance.

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Some visitors will be annoyed if a link opens up in a new browser window while others won’t be upset – your call. Personally, I prefer a new tab or window so I do not leave the first site. Some people have a thing about the back arrow button while other right click and hit back. The less number of clicks people have to do is generally a good guideline. You have noticed that the browser window is basically still there so when you click to another tab it’s faster than hitting the navigation arrow going back. But you may not always have links going off your site in content but it’s pretty common.

Writing mistakes can put an abrupt end to a reader’s visit to your blog. Not every post can be poor due to bad choice of content, and it can be because the writing basically was bad. This is a huge subject, and you won’t find the web lacking for information about it, either.